Play Free Video Poker Games

Online video poker is considered as one of the top virtual machine games in the gaming market today. These machines have enticed land-based poker players to try the virtual version of their favourite card game which now offers huge payouts and more exciting bonuses. These online games also retained its simple rules and mechanics for new and regular players at Moreover, players can enjoy these free video poker games right in the comforts of their own homes and even in their on-the-go mobile devices.

Video Poker Gameplay

But before players get to play the online version of this card game, they need to familiarize themselves on the gameplay of video poker. As mentioned, video poker has the same game mechanics as with its land-based version. It is based on the gameplay of Five-Card Draw which deals players with five random cards to act as their playing hand. Players get to choose whether they keep all five cards to be their active hand or discard some to all of them and get replacements on the discarded ones.

Online video poker players must get the highest valued poker hand on the table to win the game. This starts from a Pair, Two Pairs, Three of a kind, Straight, Flush, Full House, Four of a kind, Straight Flush, to a Royal Flush. Players with Royal Flushes or five cards in consecutive order of the same suit from 10 to Ace instantly win video poker sessions.

Since these games are played in online machines, players get to access its features with certain game buttons present on the screen. They get to place the amount of their played wagers with clicks, discard cards and get new ones with certain buttons, and confirm their hands with just a press. You can play free video poker at a number of online casinos. You can even follow this link and discover sites where you can play video poker without downloading. The site offers a selection of casinos where games such as Jacks or Better and Joker Poker are available for real money and take advantage of the many welcome packages for online casinos.

Video Poker Variants

There are numerous free video poker variants with different gameplays, variance, and payout percentages available online. New video poker players can try Jacks or Better which has a relatively low game variance. This variant is also the most common poker type used in most online gaming sites today which pays its players at a high rate.

Those who are looking for more pay options can try Aces and Eights. This type features three additional pays which include four-of-a-kind combinations of sevens, eights, and aces. Aces and Eights has a very close win variance with Jacks or Better which can be the best option for those who are looking for almost the same gameplay as the latter.

Video poker players can also try Deuces Wild Poker. This variant features all cards with the value of two to be wilds or act as replacement cards of any value to complete a winning hand. It also adds a payout on the combination for five-of-a-kind, wild royal flush, and four-of-a-kind deuces.

They can also try Double Bonus Poker which have two bonus payout options of four-of-a-kinds. Another version is the Double Double Bonus which has more four-of-a-kid pay options with additional kickers. These kickers are usually composed of card values 2, 3, or 4, added to a four-of-a-kind combination which rewards bigger payouts.

Meanwhile, Deuces and Joker Poker is played with 53 cards with a winning hand which pays greater than the usual royal flush combination. This hand is composed of five wilds with four 2's and a Joker at play. Players with this winning combination can win as much as 10,000 credits.

Other free video poker variants available at Canadian Online Casinos include Jokers Wild, Tens or Better, and Bonus Deuces Wild. Online players can try these games with no deposit required. They just need to check on their participating gaming sites for more information on this offer.