Keno - Play for Free

Keno is a classic casino game that has been a favorite in land-based casinos for many years. Free online keno is a great way to get that same excitement without leaving the comforts of home or wagering a single coin.

Keno Basics

The game of keno is similar to a lottery or a game of bingo. In online keno, players purchase a card and then have the option of selecting between one and fifteen numbers out of the 80 spaces on the keno grid. Once the numbers are marked, the computer generates 20 winning numbers and the player is paid out based on the number of numbers marked and the number of matches.

Multiple Ticket Keno

A few free online keno games allow individuals to play multiple cards simultaneously. The best way to maximize your winnings with multiple tickets is to find an online keno game that plays each card against the same 20 numbers. By selecting different number patterns on each ticket, you can improve the odds of a win.

More Features of Online Keno

The convenience of playing keno online rather than having to travel to a brick and mortar casino is a big draw for many players. Other features, such as automated play options and the ability to save keno patterns, make the online version even more appealing. The thing people like most about online keno is the option to play with real money or to play free keno if they prefer.

Free online keno is an excellent way to learn more about this casino classic before placing any real money wagers, or just to enjoy the game without having to risk a loss.