Changing Rules in Baccarat

Baccarat has been a popular game in casinos since the mid 20th century, and has recently become a lucrative addition to many online casinos. Those who are fans of traditional baccarat should take note, however, that the online rules of the game are slightly different from the regular version. The following article illuminates the ways in which these two games diverge, as well as the way that they are connected.


In both variations of the game, the focus remains on betting. Players want to make the best bet that will give them the greatest odds of winning. In both traditional and online baccarat, a banker can also be involved, though as is described below, the emphasis on the banker changes somewhat in the online version. In games involving a banker, both online and in a live casino, players will bet against the bank as well as against each other.


Those familiar with traditional baccarat know that players often bet against each other. These games can actually be played without much (or any) participation from a banker, which affects the way that the odds are calculated. Online games, however, almost always involve a banker, and are based on the kind of baccarat referred to as "punto/banco" (which translates into "player/banker"). The banker in Internet casinos is also not typically a real person (unless it is live or "running" baccarat) but is rather a piece of programmed software.

Players should also take note that some of their agency is taken away in online versions of baccarat. In other words, because the game relies so much on the machine and the software, more remains out of the hands of the player who is placing the bets than in traditional baccarat.