Understanding Craps Odds

People play all sorts of games online these days, from role playing games and symbol matching to classic casino games like baccarat and craps. In order to play craps successfully, players must first understand the odds and how to use them in their favor.

Skill vs. Luck

Before delving into the mathematical odds of winning in craps, it must first be noted that craps is almost purely a game of luck. Though players can certainly decide which bets to place and how much to wager, there is nothing that can be done that will affect the final outcome of the dice. For this reason, players should always understand--even when they are on a winning streak--that the statistics show that players will almost always lose some money to the house over a period of time.

Betting Process

Part of the skill that comes with playing craps has to do with understanding and correctly implementing the different bets and side bets. For instance, the pass line bet is a wonderful side bet opportunity that can certainly pay off when placed correctly. Players who want to learn and understand the odds in a standard craps game will do well to visit free online craps rooms for tutorials, strategy charts and completely free gameplay.

Playing the Odds

When it comes to craps, it is important for players to understand the pay scale and how it relates to the game. For instance, players who are betting that they will roll a seven or 11 before any other number combination may be playing for a three to one payout, though the odds of actually winning that bet may be very low. Players who want to make the most money possible from the game should always compare the odds of winning to the potential payouts; the higher the pay scale, the lesser the odds of winning.

Although craps is a game that can be played almost anywhere with nothing more than a pair of dice and a friend, making money in a casino--whether online or in person--requires a good understanding of the odds.